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The iEye, Apple’s Camera Concept

Seriously, how long is it going to take for Apple to make a legit camera. The iEye is the ultimate mobile device for capturing, editing, and distributing all of your iLife memories. In a slim, sleek, easy-to-use package, the iEye records stills and video, all in high definition. Another great feature about the iEye is that you can send your pictures to your friends via WiFi.

3G iPhone Coming in 60 Days

Walt Mossberg mentioned today in a conference that in 60 days a 3G iPhone will be released. This could also mean some serious price cuts. Another rumor we’ve heard is that it’ll also sport a glossy black backside instead of the metallic looking backside.

Apple Patents show Flip Iphone


It’s rare that Apple’s patents actually show the exact form factors of devices they have in development, but this “dual sided trackpad” patent for a phone seems to definitely show that they’ve got some flipphone version coming up. The patent itself outlines a phone that has two multitouch sensors, both on the “bottom” part of the phone. When it’s closed, the phone acts like your current model iPhone. When it’s open, only the bottom part of the phone is touch-sensitive, whereas the top part is just a display.

The top/bottom touchscreen difference has the interesting effect of bringing some new features such as actually drawing out a number on the touchpad, rotating and old school dial (?), simulating a T9 dialpad, or even having both sides of the touchscreen active at once for some crazy control.

What’s the point of this? Besides new features, apparently many people HATE the candybar form factor and won’t even consider a phone a real phone unless it’s a clamshell.

A Taste of iPhone Gaming to Come

A French company has sent out a sample of a game called Crazy Kart 2 which boosting about 60 FPS framerate using a software-only engine. The game is still in production, but it seems rather ambitious, with multi-player support, downloadable vehicles, and the possibility of motion-tilt-steering (currently the game is touch screen only).

Before now, no one was really sure that kind of graphics we’d be seeing for the iPhone, so far everything looks better then I expected.

Nike’s SportBand Coming in April?

Recent news has come out about the new Nike+ running device called SportBand. The armband will still be wireless and still require you to shove a Nike+ kit into your shoe in order to track how fast/far you run, but you won’t have to carry an iPod Nano on you. Once you are done your workout, just take out the attached USB stick and visit the Nike website to view your running results.